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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Playtex Drop-Ins Bottles

Who hasn't lost a bottle while it still has formula (or breast milk, or later on, juice) inside? I swear our couch has a magnet system underneath it that sucks the bottles under. I just came across a "not-a-Playtex-Drop-In" bottle that I could have sworn I left behind at a Halloween party! I of course threw it away, because that's nasty, and I'm not cleaning it out.

Had I used a Playtex Drop-In Bottle, I wouldn't have had to thrown it away! My favorite thing about them is the liners. Seriously?! Why did I even use the "not-a-Playtex-Drop-In" bottle for his first 4 - 6 weeks of life? Besides the fact that it was smaller, and I like the silicone nipples, they're so messy and hard to clean. (When you don't own a bottle brush!) Playtex are the way to go! I have used Playtex Drop-Ins for both of my boys. I have to say that Holden, our 8 week old son who is exclusively formula fed now, is much less gassy when I feed him with the Playtex bottle verses the "not-a-Playtex-Drop-In" one. They're so easy! You pop out the old liner, give ithe bottle and nipple a quick rinse in hot water, slide in a new one, and Voila! Ready to use again, without taking 10 minutes to clean it out with a sponge, or, my version of an improvised bottle cleaner: a wooden spoon with a dishcloth wrapped around the handle. :)

For ease of use, easy-to-clean, not to mention, very-much-like-a-breast-nipples, Playtex Drop-Ins are the way to go! They're now BPA free too! Always a plus in my book.

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  1. we use the mam bottles for our son because they come apart in so many pieces it makes them a dream to clean, don't think we can get those paytex ones over here because they sound so wonderful, there's nothing worse than the smell of bottles that need to be washed even after a few hours