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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Haute Mamma!

Have you ever been at the park, clicked with a woman who's children happen to be newly-made best friends with your child(ren) and wanted to exchange information? Then you also, have probably dug through half-eaten tootsie rolls, 2 diapers, a pacifier, 3 toy cars, a snot-covered baby wipe and 1 chewed piece of gum in your disorganized purse-gone-diaper-bag only to come up with a Kiddie Kandids coupon and a dead pen. Well, never again will that happen to you! Once you own a set of the cutest, funky and totally fabulous mommy calling cards from Made of high-quality cardstock (with rounded corners too!) these cards are sure to impress.

Tiffany at Haute Mammas sent me a package full of all sorts of fabulous goodies to try out. There are SO many products available from Haute Mammas, you're bound to fall in love with even just one of the items on the site. I fell in love with nearly everything! They're completely customizable, so they're YOUR creation. Can I just tell you I cannot WAIT until 2011! Why, you ask? Well, that's when my son, Beckham will be in Kindergarten. I'll be able to send him to school with the cutest, "hautest", absolutely unique permission slips! Can't wait! The gift labels are so fun too, that your gift at the next party you attend will stand out among the rest of those boring "Happy Birthday!" cards!

Whether it's a Thank You card you're looking for, or some truly special and oh-so-unique address labels, Haute Mammas is the place to go!

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