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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller (in the most playfull, bold red and chocolate brown colors, a.k.a.: The Bombay Pattern!)

As a mom of two boys (Beckham is 3 and Holden is 6 months.) a necessity of mine was to have a decent stroller with all the bells and whistles that made my life easier. I know, I know, I should have gone with "inexpensive" or "weighs a mere 17 pounds", but being that it's our first major stroller purchase, and it was Tax Return time, I went for the best. Top of the line. None other than Graco. We decided on the Graco Quattro Tour Duo. It is the smoothest riding stroller we tried out. Beautiful, bold colors. I loved the red. Instantly fell in love with the red/chocolate brown colors. There are so many things about the stroller that I love, I could type forever! Let me just share with you a basic break-down of my favorite features:

• Easy to unfold/fold
• Comfortable, cushy looking seats for my boys
• Smooth rolling wheels
• Easy to assemble (it took me no more than a half hour to have the whole thing put together, in the babies r us store at that!)
• Large storage basket. We currently bring with us on our stroller-using-trips: 1 large orange backpack. One rusty-colored mama's purse. One black good sized camera bag that has my Nikon in it.
• Good-sized storage pouch, cup holders, and tray. Perfect for all the random things we have with us: pacifier (Holden's), Blistex (mine), keys to the car, the iPod, Hubby's phone, my phone, sunglasses (usually dads, occasionally mine), various trucks or cars (Beckham's), drink (sometimes all three of us have one), bottle (Dad's Holden's).

So... in a nutshell, I love my stroller. My boys love their stroller. Even my hubby loves our stroller. The only downfall that I have, the ONLY negative thing I have is the fact that it's heavy. 45 pounds heavy. That's about 20 pounds too heavy for my 5' 2", 80 pound frame. :)

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