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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fun + Funky + Modern = Eenamaria

When I got my eenamaria bag in the mail, I would have never guessed it would be near as attractive or large as it was! I mean, a bag is a bag, right? Wrong! Eenamaria bags boast an exterior of luxuriously shiny vinyl and a bold eye-catching red lined interior. You can’t tell me that’s not unique! Not only is my new eenamaria Workin' Weekend Baby Tote colorful (I chose this one, decked in white, black, green & blue colors.) but it’s totally functional too! I was completely taken aback at the amount of baby (and mama) items I was able to take with me (in it’s 31.5" linear measuring interior) when we went to my husband’s soccer game yesterday afternoon. Quite frankly, I think my husband may have been too. The fact that I didn't have my purse with me all day surprised him, and, much to my excitement, because it's "attractive" he didn't mind carrying it for me!

It's vinyl makes it a perfect diaper bag when you have messy kids. My son got his cracker-and-milk-gone-cottage-cheese-spit-up on the front of it. (He slobbered quite a bit too.) Any other bag (my current purse, for example) would absorb this lovely, wet, stinky liquid (if you can call it liquid) that came from his mouth. (Or his 3 year old brothers' melting popsicle residue!) But not this new tote. I wiped it right off! With a baby wipe. Nothing left! Not a drop.
The person behind the designing of the eenamaria purses, totes and accessories is Sarah Morgan. She describes the women who carry these trend-setting purses as “urban nomads”. With fun and very unique names such as: Mini-Take a Walk on the Wild Side, Murse or Purse or the I Mean Bizniss Travel Tote, there is a bag or tote for women from every walk of life. If you're a mom, a woman who loves fun, unique bags, or even a purse-o-holic like myself, eenamaria is for you.

Sarah recently debuted on QVC in February.
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