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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sweet Ruby Blankets

When I opened the mail I got from April of Sweet Ruby on Etsy (also at, I could have never been more happy! A onesie, a pacifier clip and a binky blanket is what I found, as I excitedly tore into the packaging. I was instantly sucked in by the cuddly softness of the Binky Blanket. The soft as butter "minky" fabric was not only adorable and perfectly boyish ("Blueberry Chocolate" *squeal!* doesn't that sound good enough to eat?!), but it was oh-so-soft! I'd be happy with a pillow made out of Binky Blankets! Holden absolutely loves his, especially when he's tired. Now, instead of scratching my arm to bits like a cat claws a pole... he can cuddle/scratch at his immensley soft blanket! PLUS, we all know how bad it sucks to lose a binky in the middle of the night, right? Not when you have it clipped on to this! The perfect-sized, 14 x 14 inch panel of fabric makes it easy to find the pacifier, even if it's 3:00 am and there isn't a single light on. Baby doesn't take a binky? No prob. You'll be happy to know that the loop on it is big enough (and perfect) for snapping it to any type of "device" that carries your kiddo, so he/she will always have his/her lovey with them! Stroller, carseat, snugli carrier, bouncy seat, I even attached mine to Holden's swing! No lost blanket when we're at the mall. No lost blanket when we're in the car. No lost blanket when I'm at Target! It goes right on the handle of the cart. Brilliant!
So... an awesome blanket, woo. Woo is right... because that's not all I recieved from April. I was also given the chance to review (and boy has it been put to use!) a uber-cute binky clip. Sooooo much cuter than those other boring ones. No more fighting with those stinkin' alligator clips and acrylic nails! It simply opens and shuts. That's it. No pulling, no cursing, no struggling... easy to open, easy to close. Holden loves it, cause his bink is never far. I love it cause his bink is never far AND, with an adorable chocolate-brown-with-white-polka-dots pattern, it matches ANYTHING he wears!

Now, I can't wait for the day that he can wear that flippin' adorable elephant onesie! Whew, you're thinking, what an awesome business! She makes binky blankets and pacifier clips. Just wait until you see everything else this so-incredibly talented mama makes!

So, now that you know all the cutie-patootie things she makes, go on over, and check out Sweet Ruby Blankets!

*If you happen to be in the Utah area (or even if you're not!) make sure you go check out Crazi Beautiful Women, where they're featuring April!*


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  1. Thanks so much Sydney. That was such a great feature, I am so glad he loves his blanket just as much as you go. They really are lifesavors. Thanks again.

  2. I LOVE my blankie and binki clip, too -- my boy has loved them since day one! :) She IS a very talented gal to make such practical, cute, fun baby items!

  3. Love Love Love Sweet Ruby!!! Very best.

  4. If I had little ones, I be a regular visitor at Sweet Ruby. Since I don't, I'll keep that store in mind for my grandchildren!