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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Girly bows for your girly girl!


When I was approached by Michelle of Binga Bows to do a review, I almost said no, seeing that I haven 't given birth to any girls yet, just boys. As cute as my 3.5 year old would be with a colorful flower in his hair... I decided to give the bows to my sister-in-law, Melanie. My favorite thing about the bows, from the second we opened them, was the vibrant colors, quality material and the way they're put-together. Her favorite thing was the fact that they stayed in Macelynn's hair! They were the first bow she's come across that didn't slide out within minutes of being put in! What excitement that was! So, know that if your little girl has super-fine hair, the bows from Binga Bows may just work! There are five fabulous styles Binga Bows has to offer: Binga Bows, Binga Blossoms, Binga Clippies, Binga Beanies/headbands (perfect for your brand-new baby that may not have a lot of hair to clip a bow to!) and Binga Bow Holders. When I let Michelle know I'd love to review her bows, I couldn't believe how quickly she got the package to my home! It came packaged wonderfully, in a pretty fancy schmancy tissue paper stuffed box. It was fun to open it, looking at each beautiful bow as I took it out. Macelynn, my niece, looks absolutely fabulous in them. They match her girly personality perfectly! If you ever need super adorable, colorful, well-made bows for your daughter, and at a super affordable price, Binga Bows is the way to go! ♥ Also, if you're concerned about not finding one that matches your baby girls' new outfit, don't be concerned any longer! She offers a CUSTOM design service too!

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