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Friday, October 17, 2014

Fulcrum Gallery {}

When I was contacted by Fulcrum Gallery to review one of their art pieces, I was super excited! Our home has a few photos here and there, but I have been wanting to add something new for quite some time!

When browsing their website, I wasn't lost or overwhelmed in the slightest. In fact, the website is very clear and concise, making ordering a piece easy for someone such as my grandmother. The categories are defined, and there are beautiful thumbnail images available of each piece. FulcrumGallery has something for everybody - from 
Cappiello to Van Gogh, the art you'll find will make you happy, regardless of what you're looking for.

I was leaning towards a beautiful Mary Cassatt piece, like that ones I had hanging in my bedroom as a child. When I realized my dad may very well still have those Mary Cassatt prints, I decided to go with something different. We wanted a religious piece of artwork, and found something that fit our family as perfectly as the creme filling goes with an Oreo.

We decided on this one: "At The Helm" by Danny Hahlbohm.

My husband was Active Duty for the United States Navy, and I also happen to struggle with mental health issues, including severe depression, so you can see why this piece fits our family perfectly! It is hanging proudly in our living room at the bottom of our staircase.

When I ordered from the website, it was so easy and self-explanatory. There was no second-guessing or trying to make sure I was getting what I thought I was getting. It was CLEAR AS DAY that I ordered the print that I did, in a 23 by 19 inch, with a black frame and white mat. Simple as that. There are other options, of course. Silver frame. Gold frame. Even a canvas! The options are endless! I realized AFTER placing my order, that there are other options besides the "suggested" ones. Seriously - frame of almost any color or type. Black, brown, cherry, gold, silver, or natural. There are gallery wraps, unstretched canvas, and more! Go check out their website and see if something catches your eye!

Once I had ordered, I patiently waited and received the confirmation email shortly after placing my order. Then shortly after that, received the email that my piece had shipped! In seemingly no time at all, it was here. On my doorstep. I lugged it into the living room and sat it down, ever-so-gently against the couch.

I sat and stared at the large box, wondering if I had ordered a bigger size that I realized. It sat in my living room for a day, because I knew I needed help from hubby and with 4 kids - I knew once it was open, it had to go straight onto our wall. So there it sat. For almost 30 hours. Untouched. It was like Christmas - you can look at all your gifts under the tree. You can pick them up and shake them to try and guess what was inside. But you can't do anything else with them until Christmas morning. FINALLY hubby had time home and I had a free minute to sit down, sans kids, and open it up.

It was even more awesome in person than I could have imagined! Impeccable quality! I can not say enough fantastic things about FulcrumGallery. The customer service is fantastic, the ease-of-ordering is just that: EASY! The quality of the photo, plexiglass, and framing is fantastic! There is merely no other word to describe how happy and satisfied by them I am. Our photo came with a nifty hanging "lip" and an extra one, just in case. I also am impressed that it is hand-signed by the framer who put our piece together. Just one simple personal touch, that shows they go above and beyond with the effort they put into the pieces of artwork.

I barely touched on any other pieces available at FulcrumGallery, but there are SO many. I can't say it enough - you WILL find something you like at their website, simply because of the diversity of products they have available purchase. Some of the MANY things they have for purchase {the descriptions are on the website, I've shared them here} include:

Word Art

Seasonal Art

There is one more awesome part of FulcrumGallery - and that is their Satisfaction Guarantee. They are so certain that you'll be happy with your product, but even if you maybe dislike it or something happened during shipping, they have a return policy that is again, above and beyond. Thirty days - no questions ask. All you pay is shipping.

Any questions? Still wondering how it works? Is there something my particular review didn't cover that has you wondering? Go check out the Frequently Asked Questions section or feel free to shoot them an email!

Thanks so much to FulcrumGallery for the new addition to our home. It will be oohed and ahhhed over for many years to come. We have already had SO many compliments on it, and I love being able to share the website so they can get their own beautiful, affordable piece of art.


  1. It was significantly more wonderful in individual than I could have envisioned! Faultless quality! I can not say enough incredible things in regards to Fulcrum Gallery. The client administration is incredible, the simplicity of-requesting is simply that: EASY! The nature of the photograph, plexiglass, and encircling is phenomenal!It was significantly more wonderful in individual than I could have envisioned. Faultless quality. I can not say enough incredible things in regards to fulcrum Gallantry. The client administration is incredible.. The simplicity of requesting is simply that. Easy the nature of the photograph, plexiglass and encircling is phenomenal.