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Saturday, October 11, 2014


When I was asked by Kidecals to review their fantastic labels, I was pretty excited! I love labels. They’re the best for organizing things. Keeping track of things that belong to our family and kids tend to lose. Keeping my sanity with things in our pantry or my craft supplies. Soooo many aspects of my life! I think a regular plain Jane label in general is awesome. However, Kidecals? They are the Ferrari of labels!

• Waterproof - meaning, yes, they can get wet. What kind of regular, printed-at-home label doesn’t get ruined completely with merely DRIPS of water, right? These are SO much better than those!

• Washing machine, dryer and dishwasher safe - wait, what?! You mean the kids’ sippy cups can have a personalized and oh-so-colorful label slapped on them and STILL go into the dishwasher?! CHECK

My kids’ soccer socks or jerseys or even soon-to-be-baby’s cloth diapers can be LABELED and WASHED and label stays intact?! Fantastically awesome!

We have been using our labels for about 8 weeks now, and I have not had the edge of ONE peel up. They are on EVERYTHING. Each of our soccer/outdoor balls (we have 7). Bikes so they don't ever go missing from the neighborhood. Soccer cleats. Shin guards. Baby carrier. My Nikon and carrying bag. My Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag and matching wipes case. Even the bottom of my MacBook has one. I wish I hadn't been dumb and ordered WATERPROOF address labels, because I don't like wasting them on boring envelopes. But I will tell you what, ANYTHING that gets left behind at a soccer game (favorite water bottle or a lone shin guard), dropped at the mall (daughter's stuffed animal), or left at church (books, sippy cup, or one of my son's beloved GeoTrax trains) we will have the item returned if the person who finds it takes the steps to mail it back or look me up on Facebook. I have an address label with contact info slapped onto the side of my daughters car seat (hidden out of view, so hopefully in the event of an accident, a police officer or firefighter will think to look under the fabric!)

My favorite place that I have a label stuck, that gets the most wear and tear out of all of them, however, has to be on my dogs collar. Yes, she already has an address tag, but it's a scan-able one from PetHub and is scuffed, so thank goodness for Kidecals, who provide labels that are water proof, dirt proof, dog-playing-in-the-mud and scratching-her-neck proof! It's been on her collar for about 7 weeks, and it's not showing ANY signs of coming off.

My next purchase with Kidecals will most definitely be labels for all the dry baking goods and some individualized labels for each of my four kids.

Kidecals doesn't stop there! They offer a wide variety of other labels that will blow you away with not only their durability, but their beauty! They are colorful, quirky, and unique. You'll be the talk of the town! Decorate your home with their Wall Decals or Chalkboard Labels. Organize your life. Prevent a bad allergic reaction with the Allergy Alert labels, or add some fun to your life with some Mustache Madness labels!

Send your kid to school with his/her own unique, personalized labels.
Gift a set of snazzy Keyboard Stickers to your sister or friend.

You can go here to sign up for their newsletter, *and* you’ll be rewarded with 15% off your first order of their delectable labels! Make sure you take a peek at Kidecals best selling labels and see if you find something you love!

*Disclosure: Kidecals provided me with the labels of my choice at no cost to me in exchange for a review. The ideas and opinions in this review are my own, honest thoughts on the product.

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